NBA Offseason: Value Added and Diminished for those who didn’t move We’ve seen a multiple trades and dozens of important signings or options made over the past two weeks. Check out the three part series on Free Agency starting with Part 1 where we dive into the narrative of gaining or losing fantasy value for... Continue Reading →



July 10, 2017 PART 3: FREE AGENT FRENZY, 2017-2018 While no longer a FRENZY, free agency has collected a few more pieces and teams are setting up their rosters for next year. Not as many big names from Part 2 or Part 1 of our Free Agency watch but there are guys here who will... Continue Reading →


PART 2: FREE AGENT FRENZY, 2017-2018 Less than a week into Free Agency and the NBA looks very different. Major pieces moving to new cities via sign and trades while others leaving to join forces to take on the other growing super teams. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check that out to... Continue Reading →


Last updated, 9am EST, July 2, 2017 The first weekend of NBA Free Agent signings is always exciting and very intriguing when it comes to analyzing the fantasy basketball impact. New Teams, massive money numbers, confusing moves, and the ever sneaky restricted free agent offers – some of which get matched (I’m looking at you Enes... Continue Reading →

2017 Draft Night Recap

We are four days removed from the NBA draft and the ripples have finally settled. We saw 3 major trades, minor moves for positioning, and several teams filing immediate needs. The reason you don’t see a lot of draft talk on Hoop Zero is because rookies often have little impact in their first Fantasy Basketball... Continue Reading →

What did we learn from the playoffs?

What did we learn from the playoffs? It’s been 8 days since the Warriors vanquished the Cavs in impressive fashion to take their second title in three years. The NBA Playoffs started back on April 15th, more than 8 weeks ago, when C.J Miles missed a last second shot to steal a game from Cleveland.... Continue Reading →

Calendar of Events for 2017-2018

June 14, 2017 NBA Calendar of events for 2017-2018 The NBA calendar sets the structure for the Fantasy season and it that in mind let’s take a look at the important dates for 2017-2018. June 22, Draft Day A LOT of talent this year. Brandon Ingram, drafted #2 in 2016, would struggle to be in... Continue Reading →

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