Welcome to Hoop Zero!

Welcome to Hoop Zero!

Let me be the first to welcome you to Hoop Zero!

Hoop Zero is a fantasy basketball site with the ultimate goal of growing the fantasy basketball community. Along the way, Hoop Zero will attempt to provide quality insight and conversation on the game of basketball but concentrated on how it influences Fantasy Basketball. Hoop Zero will attempt to engage a few times per week throughout the year and encourages interaction on all levels. Keep reading to find out more about Hoop Zero and thanks for stopping by.

 The Hoop Zero Mission

Hoop Zero is a place where anyone can come to acquire basketball information. Although the spotlight will shine towards the Fantasy aspect of the basketball sphere ultimately, Hoop Zero looks to encourage a dialogue and share material on all the goings-on of Basketball.

Think of Hoop Zero as a platform for the basketball community where Fantasy players and basketball enthusiasts can read, share, and dialogue with each other to make better basketball decisions and grow their knowledge of the game we all love.

About Hoop Zero

Basketball. In the most simple form Basketball is a basket, a ball, a person. The heart of Hoop Zero beats within this idea of how simply basketball can be while embracing the pursuit of how complicated Basketball can get.

The main focus? Fantasy Basketball. Over the past decade, I’ve been in more leagues than I can remember, set more lineups than I’d want to admit, and lost more than won, yet keep coming back for the same reasons we all do – the drive and the potential of what might happen and what could change.

For now, the analysis here at Hoop Zero will be centered on Fantasy Basketball in the form of season long leagues. Looking at a daily and weekly format with sizes of 10, 12, and 14 owners. Discussion and commentary will look at strategy, tactics, value, and key decision points along the journey of the season long competition. Intertwined within all of this will be news updates, injury concerns, dynasty talk, and “philosophical” insight on how to interact with the growing Fantasy Basketball universe.

Hoop Zero is always looking to evolve and add to the conversation. If you’d like to reach out for questions, comments, or just general chit-chat check out the Contact page for how best to get in touch with us. Overall, we do this for fun and entertainment – I hope you find a little bit of both here at Hoop Zero.


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