Off-season Tracker: It Matters, It Matters Not

June 17, 2017

The Off-season Tracker: It Matters, It Matters Not

The NBA off-season can be a long one, especially for the Fantasy Basketball community. We all technically end our leagues before April but the Finals don’t end until June and then the draft and free agent signings verbally don’t occur until beginning of July. Sure we still fire up the daily fantasy lineups but we’re talking about 90 days (or more) from the end of season-long Fantasy until new things start happening to affect next season.

All too often we’re inundated with information that’s hard to decipher or just plain doesn’t make sense. This is where the “It Matters, It Matters Not” idea was born. The goal here: to create a tracker of off-season news for Fantasy Players. News goes into two buckets:

  • It Matters: You need to pay attention to it. It might have an effect on multiple teams or signal a change league wide. This piece of news will have an important effect on the upcoming fantasy season.
  • It Matters Not: The fluff. It’s just noise in trying to fill an empty room. It has no real meaning yet, or ever will. Pay it no mind.


Hoop Zero will be looking to update every 10-14 days based on the news cycle to keep you engaged and aware on the off-season activities before we enter the Fall and hit the hardwood once again. Look for most to Matter Not in June/July with the scales tipping to Matters as August rolls along and we get into September.
Let’s Begin!

End of May-June 17
It Matters

  • Danilo Gallinari and Dion Waiters Opt out. Both put up impressive 16-17 campaigns. For Danilo, it’s always been the questionable health but can swing top 40 value when shooting straight. Its not just the 3’s but the positive %’s that garner value for Danilo. Very interested in seeing where he lands. As for Dion, he had a consistent year on a solid Heat team. The heat seem to have a lot of guards and wouldn’t be surprised if he signs elsewhere. Location will be very important for his fantasy outlook.
  • CP3 to the Spurs. Rumors has it CP3 is interested in signing with the Spurs. Almost, put this rumor in the Matters Not but the fact is CP3 moving effects so many different players values. Keep in mind it could also influence JJ Reddick moving on or not, the market for PGs (think Rondo if the bulls cut loose before end of June) and, to name another, Patty Mills’ value. This could be the most impactful move in the off-season if he leaves LA or it could be nothing.
  • Monta Ellis suspended 5 games for violation of anti-drug policy.  This might be as low a scale to be on the It Matters.  An end of the draft/waiver wire guy in 12 team leagues who destroys your FG%, yer for deeper leagues just be aware he should probably go undrafted this year and at best be a 2nd or 3rd week pick up as this suspension will nullify him for week one.

It Matters Not

  • Anything Gordon Hayward Related until he officially signs.
  • 3-on-3 added to the Olympics for The official rules have not been released, its 3 years away, we don’t know if NBA players will play represent, it’s a ten minute game, etc. etc. We could dive into the fact that only 48 players will compete (12 teams, 6 each) and that most will not be NBA caliber …and even less fantasy assets … but let’s just stop here.
  • Joel Embid and Ben Simmons will no participate in summer ball – shocking no one. Both guys coming off injuries this is a no brainer. Plus summer league is to gauge prospects and get rookies in shape. For the NBA summer league trains referees and possible assistant coaches. Not going out on a limb here but expect more hot air news just before training camp with both being ‘limited’ yet, both ready by opening night tip.
  • Rudy Gay opts out of contract. Had he not gotten hurt, Gay would’ve been traded and then opted out anyway. All reports say he is “on schedule” with his rehab but an Achilles is a terrifically hard injury to come back and play with especially at 32. Pay no mind until we find out what team he gets to.
  • Lebron James averaging a Triple-Double in the 5-game Finals. Lebron is a great fantasy asset and if he were to do what he did in the finals during the season consistently then he’d be in everyone’s top 3. I think you know where this is going … Lebron is still going to be sitting games during the season and taking 4th quarters off as the Cavs cruise. In fact, getting the #1 seed doesn’t seem to matter anymore in the East. Don’t expect the numbers from the playoffs for King James to continue at that high level during the ‘17-’18 campaign.
  • Dwight Howard is working on his 3 pointer and extending his range. Jury is out on this one but for now, Matters not. This was a statement made by D12 saying “he’s working with a guy in Atlanta”. Let’s wait for training camp and some tape before we dive in.

The next 13 days or so will bring us team options on players, the NBA draft, possible trades, and definitely more news on possible Free Agent destinations. Until then we’ll keep our ear to the ground.


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