It Matters, It Matters Not: Late June Edition

June 28th, 2017

The Offseason Tracker: It Matters, It Matters Not

Here is the next addition of It Matters, It Matters Not. Check out mid-June’s It Matters, It Matters Not for explanation of what this Offseason Tracker is trying to achieve.

Since the end of June we’ve had player options rejected and accepted. The draft and the trades and swaping that occurred with it. Of course, the rumor mill is in full rotation 24/7. Lets take a look to see if It Matters or Matters Not.

End of June 18th – June 28th

It Matters

  • Chris Paul traded to Houston for a cadre of players mainly notable are Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, and 2018 first rounder. Well as it was said here last week the CP3 news is massive and likely the more impactful move of the offseason. In real-life basketball this is a rebuild for Jerry West’s Clippers. Shedding Paul’s contract and Williams off the books next year. They will have a lot of money to spend, especially if Blake Griffin decides to go elsewhere – The clippers are officially a tanking team for 2017-18. Now let’s shift to Fantasy Basketball and the intertwined web it is; here’s how initial thoughts breakdown with those involved:
    • GAIN:
      • Patrick Beverly. He had a great season posting 9.5 points almost 6 boards, over 4 assists, 1.5 steals, and over 1.5 3s per game. His defensive metrics are great and with the full time gig and no harden to share PG duties with, Beverly will be a sneaky good pick this year and more than likely a cheap option in the beginning of the year for daily plays. I do worry about the steals going down a bit due to not being part of the blistering speed of the rockets but the other bumps are worth the gain.
      • J. Reddick. If he stays in LA and Blake exits I love for JJ to get more run and more shots. While Griffin was hurt he flourished as the offense was more available for shots. Reddick is a good player but relies on opportunity for fantasy value. Reddick may also jump ship soon, keep an eye on where he lands.
      • The Houston Rocket offense in daily games just got more deadly. Can see it now the percent owned for Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza. This team averaged 103.6 possessions per game (good enough to tie for 3rd with Golden State). Now add Chris Paul to make it more dangerous.
    • LOSS:
      • James Harden. Simply put he has to share duties with a much better playmaker. Harden’s assists will go down and some scoring might dip. Still a top 6 player, just not top 3 anymore.
      • DeAndre Jordan. No longer having a great Point guard to put the ball where he wants, DeAndre has relied his own and his teammates chemistry and athleticism to score. Across the board reduction, as the pie gets smaller for the Clippers.
    • PUSH;
      • CP3. he was already a top ten player, assists and scoring should be stable. If anything goes up its turnovers and steals. The face pace of the Rockets will demand more on CP3 and he will flourish.
    • To Be Decided:
      • Blake Griffin. Need to find out where he lands in Free Agency. Going back to LA seems like a long shot now.
      • Lou Williams. He has one year left on his deal. Not sure how the playing time will work out but for now he’s waiver wire fodder.
  • Yogi Ferrell option picked up by Dallas Mavericks. Really a no briner financially (only $1.3M) but the roster still holds J. Barea and Seth Curry who are both under contract with the team, so it remains to be seen how the rotation will play out. Oh yeah and the 9th overall pick was Dennis smith. A crowded backcourt is an understatement. For Fantasy basketball purposes Yogi was really fun last year. If he can stake a step forward, he can win the job out of camp but don’t expect him to stay long as the rebuild-Mavs will want to see what they have in D-Smith before long.
  • Kentavious Caldwell pope suspended 2 games. Like earlier in June with Monta Ellis this suspension matters really for week 1 in head2head leagues who will have less games and may not be able to use KCP for week 1. Pope was the future of Detroit but with the drafting of Luke Kennard we may have the makings of a training camp battle, something to keep an eye on.
  • Draft Night. See last weeks post on trade and rookie impacts for the upcoming season.
  • Kris Dunn to the Bulls. What isn’t in the Draft Night Recap is Mr. Dunn. With some more time to think on this, could it be that the bulls plan to move on from Rondo? If so, Dunn will have the keys to the castle to run the bulls and be very fantasy relevant. Interesting fact, the recently acquire Zach Lavine and Rajon Rondo share the same agent. NOTE: We will know by end of June 29th if the bulls have picked up Rondo’s option.

It Matters Not

  • Dirk Nowitzski declining option and re-signing. Expect less on the numbers and while we all love Dirk put him on your DND (do-not-draft) list.
  • A bunch of dudes are signing contracts for teams who need to fill out their G League rosters. Pay this no mind, 95% won’t make it to training camp or on the final roster.
  • Nick Young declined his option and will become a free agent. After averaging just over 13 points, 1 assist, and just over 2 rebounds a game this guy really isn’t that useful except for the deepest of leagues and even then do you really want to own Swaggy P?
  • Carmelo Anthony buyout rumors. If I had a nickel for every ‘Melo Story … Melo will have good-not-great fantasy value this year. On the Knicks he’s more valuable in scoring leagues but if he goes elsewhere, let’s just say the Cavs for the fun of it, then his percentages get a bump and probably turnovers go down but scoring is less. Will more than likely be a status quo in value.
  • Kevin Durant not signing his extension until Late july. This is simply a way for KD to allow Golden State flexibility in the beginning of the off-season, especially as it relates to Andre Iguodala. KD will sign the largest contract he can and continue to rip-off amazing seasons post-ring #1.
  • Jeff Van Gundy coaching the USA team this summer. Not important but anytime JVG is mentioned it brings a smile and reminds us all of this funny clip round Alonzo Morning’s Ankle (Pause at 14 seconds)

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