Last updated, 9am EST, July 2, 2017

The first weekend of NBA Free Agent signings is always exciting and very intriguing when it comes to analyzing the fantasy basketball impact. New Teams, massive money numbers, confusing moves, and the ever sneaky restricted free agent offers – some of which get matched (I’m looking at you Enes Kanter). This year is nothing new, we’ve been spoiled with a great offseason so far and it only continued as Free Agent Signings began on July 1 at midnight.

money bags


The chart below is a quick guide to what’s been going on and the short of how it changes value for the 2017-2018 Fantasy Basketball season. We’ll dive into a more detailed report as the summer moves along. Check out the color coding to understand the chart, organized alphabetically by Player Last Name with trades after the free agent Chart.

NOTE: This is not an extensive list. This list only features players who have had Fantasy value in the past or may in the upcoming season or if the signing greatly effects another important player in the previous two categories.




Player Name Old Team New Team Fantasy Value Gain/Loss Narrative
Stephen Curry, 5yr, $201M Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors PUSH Curry is in the prime of his career and a top 5 fantasy option.
Blake griffin, 5 yr $173M Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers GAIN Nothing changed with Blake it’s that his partner in crime, Chris Paul, is not there. Expect minutes, scoring, and assists to jump.
Jrue Holiday, 5yr $126M New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans GAIN Jrue’s value was diminished last year due to a personal matter having him miss games. At almost 16pts and 8 asts, Jrue should have the best year of his career in 17-18.
Andre Iguodala, 3yr $48M Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors PUSH Looking more and more like the Warriors will be bringing everyone back. Expect the same usage from Iggy in 17-18 as in 16-17
Patty Mills, 5 yr $50M San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs GAIN Should have the starting job from the get-go on a rising team. Loving Mr. Mills in the upcoming year.
J.J Reddick, 1yr $23M Los Angeles Clippers Philadelphia 76ers ? Unknown how this will affect his value. Redick is going to be great with 3s and percentages. He should probably start but it’s hard to tell what the role will be on a young 76ers team. This is one to keep an eye on in training camp and preseason.
Tony Snell, 4yr $46M Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks GAIN Snell is only getting better. His defense will be on display as this Bucks team grows into their type. Look for some cheap 3s, steals, and a handful of rebounds each game from Snell.
Jeff Teague, 3yr $57M Indiana Pacers Minnesota Timberwolves GAIN Teague had one of the best years ever for a Pacer PG, yes better than Marc Jackson, so it’s not surprising he was scooped up. Love him on this Wolves team where he can distribute and will find many, many open shots as other teams will flock to the KAT, Butler, and Wiggins.
P.J. Tucker, 4yr $32M Toronto Raptors Houston Rockets LOSS More of a real-life move than fantasy, Tucker will be useful for the Rockets who continue to develop a deep roster but won’t be anything special for your fantasy roster.


Pacers Trade Paul George to Oklahoma Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis

  • Oladipo: R remember when the hype had O at the 2-3 turn last year? He bombed on that value but I don’t think it’s crazy to assume 4th round value. The shots will be there and he should be the main distributor especially end game. We may finally see the potential we never got to see in Orlando with Oladipo. Value Oladipo = GAIN
  • George: Value should effect Russell Westbrook more than PG13. Russell will take a step back from being other worldly but still see George having another great season with a second round value. Value Paul George = PUSH; Value Westbrook = LOSS

Minnesota Timber Wolves Ricky Rubio to Utah Jazz for 2018 1st rounder

  • A mutual benefit here as the ‘Wolves make space for their new PG in Teague while the Jazz get a player maker they’ve been unable to find in the draft after years of trying.
  • If Utah can’t retain Hayward it will negatively affect Rubio’s numbers.

Other signings which are not fantasy relevant:

  • Amir Johnson
  • Joe Ingles
  • Michael Carter-Williams
  • Langston Galloway
  • David West
  • Zhou Qi
  • Christian Felicio
  • Jose Calderon
  • Shaun Livingston

We’ll try to keep this updated over the offseason and especially in the next few days. Still several major pieces need to fall into place (Hayward, Wall, Noel, Lowry, etc.). However, as the signings get less and less frequent shoot over to the offseason calendar to see what’s on the docket for the rest of the offseason as we get closer and closer to the ever entertaining mock draft and then draft season.


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