July 10, 2017


While no longer a FRENZY, free agency has collected a few more pieces and teams are setting up their rosters for next year. Not as many big names from Part 2 or Part 1 of our Free Agency watch but there are guys here who will have value and be very important should something happen to the top tiers of Fantasy Basketball.

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The chart below is a quick guide to what’s been going on and the short of how it changes value for the 2017-2018 Fantasy Basketball season. Check out the color coding to understand the chart, organized alphabetically by Player Last Name with trades after the free agent Chart.

NOTE: This is not an extensive list. This list only features players who have had Fantasy value in the past or may in the upcoming season or if the signing greatly effects another important player in the previous two categories.

Player name Old Team New Team Fantasy Value GAIN/LOSS/PUSH Narrative
Bojan Bogdanovic, 2yr $21M Brooklyn Nets Indiana Pacers PUSH BB excels in the easiest stat to find on the waiver wire, 3s – and he doesn’t do much else. Not a lot to love here but should be the same as what he did in 2016, about 10-14 points, 36% from 3pt land
Vince Carter, 1yr $8M Memphis Grizzles Sacramento Kings LOSS The loss has nothing to do with the move to Sac-town it’s just that Carter’s not really that useful anymore. He’s a great waiver wire addition if you need some 3s and points but he will not bring the consistent minutes or stats he once did.
Tim Hardaway Jr., 4yr $71M Atlanta Hawks New York Knicks GAIN Puzzling is the word for this move to the Knicks but if Derrick Rose doesn’t come back to NY the Knicks may be obligated to play him minutes. He’s intriguing all be it poor fantasy option outlook. His turnovers, shoot percentage, and all around bad decision making put Hardaway Jr. in a bucket of some owners ignoring him from the get-go. Worth a late round flier.
Dirk Nowitzki, 2yr $10M Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks LOSS See Vince Carter above, the same applies.
Kelly Olynk, 4yr $50M Boston Celtics Miami Heat GAIN Should see minutes go up and was a decent player last year to own on the end of your bench. What’s different now? He should be getting starters minutes and fills a valuable and scarce commodity for big men – player who will contribute AND is a handcuff. If Hassan Whiteside ever goes down or mentally takes a game off (or two, or five) then KO is going to reap the benefits
Otto Porter, 4yr $106.5M Washington Wizards Washington Wizards PUSH/GAIN Porter seems to do it all. Steals, cent %s while giving you 10+ points a 5 spot in the boards category and hit a three a game. Some think he’s not a max player, he is and getting better each year. If only his minutes could go up by 3-4 then we’d have a star. Porter’s value goes up because he stays in a system he’s familiar with and has grown into while having the ability to continue that growth.
Andre Roberson, 3yr $30M Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder LOSS Will be the 4th offensive option on this team but Andre will bring in defensive stats which could give enough reason to hold him, especially in a head-to-head or late week waiver wire pick to secure a category.
Milo Tesdosic, 2yr $12.3M CSKA Moscow Los Angeles Clippers N/A Milo will be a defensive liability but his passing ability is incredible. He may get bullied by bigger guards but is the definition of a Sleeper.
Dion Waiters, 4yr $52M Miami Heat Miami Heat GAIN Returns to Miami where he will continue his late game heroics. Waiters went on an impressive run last year towards the end. We may be witnessing a major player arc improvement, staying with Miami will help this growth.


Celtics trade Avery Bradley to Detroit Pistons for Marcus Morris

  • Bradley: Going from a good Celtics team to a bad Pistons team should see Bradley gain value in fantasy. He won’t be competing for minutes like before and will be a free agent last year so if you believe in that kind of stuff grab him.
  • Morris: Will fill the hole left by Kelly Olynk but will not fill any hole in your fantasy roster, in fact he will create one. Too many mouth to feed in Beantown and Morris is 3rd fiddle at best.

Toronto Raptors trade Cory Joseph to Indian for C.J Miles

  • CJ Miles: CJ is a shooter and while over 40% from beyond the arc, he’s will have a lot of competition for shots. Look at Damarre Carrol’s production last year and add a little bit due to Miles’ ability to shoot the ball better. Miles looks like a late round gamble, he will certainly be valuable should anything happen to Demar Derozen or Kyle Lowry
  • Cory Joseph: Not fantasy relevant and will more than likely back up Darren Collison

Other things of note:

  • Those who moved or signed which are not fantasy relevant:
    • Jamal Crawford
    • Demarre Carrol traded to Brooklyn and Justin Hamilton traded to Toronto
    • Alan Williams
    • Wayne Ellington
    • Jeff Green
    • Shelvin mack
    • Zaza Pachulia
    • Raymond Felton
    • Tyreke Evans
  • Greg Monroe Opt-in: This happened at the end of June but was glossed over due to impending free agency. Monroe opting-in is more about how his massive contract makes very little sense in the current world of the NBA. With pace up and 3s being shot from extra distance, a guy like Monroe is not only ineffective but no way he would gather $17M a year – thus he took his player option. For Fantasy Basketball Monroe will continue to disappoint in FT% (last year 74%) and his minutes keep declining (29 in 2015, 22 in 2016) so he’s not exactly on everyone’s most wanted list. Shoot extremely well from the field (53%) and last year he was good enough for only 6.6 rebounds per game played so all in all Monroe isn’t a very attractive piece but will hover around 75 overall value.
  • Who hasn’t signed yet that’s worth paying attention to?
    • Derrick Rose
    • Nerleans Noel
    • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
    • Nikola Mirotic
    • Pau Gasol

After these players sign we’ll be back to analyze how it changes their values as the offseason continues. We’ll see you next time.



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